FMCSA Drug and Alcohol "Sweep" Removes 287 Drivers

FMCSA Drug and Alcohol “Sweep” Removes 287 Drivers

An FMCSA sweep caught 287 drivers and 128 companies for violating drug and alcohol regulations.

A two-week enforcement sweep by the DOT found 287 drivers and 128 companies in violation of FMCSA drug and alcohol regulations. The drivers face being barred from driving, while the companies face fines. According to LandLine, the FMCSA said

…the agency specifically targeted drug and alcohol testing facilities, as well as motor carriers who identified drivers as testing positive for drug and alcohol noncompliance.

That information was then compared with compliance data in the FMCSA’s Driver Information Resource database to determine whether drivers violated federal rules and continued to drive after testing positive for drugs or alcohol.

The goal of the sweep was to catch drivers who jump from carrier to carrier to avoid FMCSA drug and alcohol regulations around testing and reporting, according to OverDrive.